The ‘Freedom’ guide to: Stress Management

In this fast evolving competitive world, stress has become an unavoidable part of our lives. If not managed well, It can affect the primary functions of our being. All that can help you to deal with day-to-day stress is the willingness and courage to take charge of your own life. Here are a few useful steps that can help you bell your cat (stress):

– First, find the one cause that stresses you the most. If any other cause is stressing you, compare it with the ‘most’ stress-giving cause and so feel relieved that the ‘most’ one is quiet now.For example, if your mother-in-law gives you most stress then forget the stress your co-workers give. Just compare and be happy.

– If you are at home and stressed, go fill your stomach with whatever eatable you find in the kitchen, then head to bedroom, slam its door and go to sleep. Eating is important because stress with empty stomach won’t let you sleep.

– Take a shower. You can even cry while in shower. The water pouring on your face will prevent you from recognizing your own tears and so you wont feel like a ‘drama queen’.

– Fill a room or a corner of a room with all the household broken things you no longer use. When stressed out and angry, start breaking those things in further pieces. Don’t forget to turn on the volume of your television real loud so that neighbors don’t hear your activity.

– If you are in office and somebody is giving you stress, take out a sticky note, write ‘I’ll see you ;)’ flip it and write ‘you are a dog, it’s your day’. Then, close your eyes and say ‘peace’ and get back to work.

– If you are driving while stressed, close the windows of your car, shower some abusive words you have learned from the recent movies, on your fellow commuters, turn on the radio and start singing loud.

– If none of these tricks are helping you, go get a massage and if it turns out amazing, reserve one for me too.

Control your stress before it controls you. if none of the above ideas are working, think of your own creative one and try it.


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