The difficult art of Learning

Is it so difficult to learn any new thing as you grow old?

After quitting my job, I decided to indulge myself in any freaking activity and be busy the entire day so that I don’t feel frustrated of ‘no-work’. There were these few skills I use to fascinate about that ‘how people are so comfortable doing this? Will I be ever able to learn this and do this so gracefully?’ One of these few skills was roller skating. So, I purchased the Rollerblade and started practicing outside my home. After the first practice session, I was so happy that I can now stand and walk on my skates and can control myself from sliding. That all was well enough for the good start. After a few more practice session, all my happiness evaporated somewhere as I found myself not progressing much. I can still only glide and walk while holding Amit’s hand.The fear of falling is still not going out of my mind.

Then after my canoe expedition, I decided to learn to swim and get rid of fear of water once and forever. So I went ahead and joined swimming classes at the local community center. Once again, after my first class I was so radiantly happy as I was able to float on water and kick it with my legs. But even after 6 classes, what I have learnt is only kicking comfortably and every time I try to move my hands, I forget to move my legs and ultimately stand in water. The frustration is growing each day…

Between these two big activities, I also pushed myself to try meditation. The reason: be more focused and not let my mind wander into futility. As always, the first time I closed my eyes and tried to meditate, I was able to feel few moments of thoughtlessness, but afterwards, every time I try to meditate, my mind is full of clutter.

Is it really so difficult to learn any new thing when we grow old (or young)?


3 thoughts on “The difficult art of Learning

  1. Very well written Nisha !! I really appreciate the efforts you are putting in to learn new things.
    I don’t think it’s difficult to learn in any stage, God has given human beings faculty of reasoning. I suppose we try and apply logic to everything we do and get fearful or excited thinking of results way in advance and loose our focus. If we focus our mind and heart completely on what we are doing at present, without thinking about the positive or negative results of it. I am
    sure we’ll be successful in any endeavour.

    This can very well be understood if we take child as an example, they don’t distract their minds with the clutter of what’s wrong and what’s right. They do it with the spirit of just doing it.Having fun is all they know!!

    Don’t overuse your brains 🙂 just do it and Have fun !!!
    ENjoy learning every day !!!

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