Attention Chocoholics! Double Chocolate and Cashews Brownie for you

A sinful, healthy, super-rich, filled-with-dark chocolate treat every chocoholic ever dreamed of is here. This gorgeous brownie is simple to make and will fill you with sheer joy every time you dig yourself in it. So, here is the recipe: Dry Ingredients: 1+1/4 cup : Oats (coarsely ground for smoothness in the cake) 1/4 cup: All-purpose flour (maida) 3/4 cup: Sugar (make powder if it … Continue reading Attention Chocoholics! Double Chocolate and Cashews Brownie for you

Farm fresh – Strawberries picking!

Picking fruits from the farm is always fun and the difference between freshly picked and brought from store is easily identifiable. Like in case of strawberries I picked this weekend, they are so perfectly ripe and sweet, they melt in the mouth. Somebody with no teeth can eat them easily! I hadn’t seen the strawberries plants before, so their shortness gave me a big surprise. … Continue reading Farm fresh – Strawberries picking!

Lite Chocolate Cake

Chocolate is one of my weaknesses. So, a warm chocolate cake is always a delight. I took this recipe from and modified it to diminish the calories by minimizing the amount of butter. Here is the recipe: Ingredients: All purpose flour: 1 Cup Sugar: 1 Cup Unsweetened Coco powder: 1/2 Cup Baking Soda: 1 Teaspoon Baking Powder: 1 Teaspoon  Eggs: 2 (I used flax … Continue reading Lite Chocolate Cake