Thailand – Your perfect Retreat

“Once a Year Go Someplace You’ve Never Been Before.” – Dalai Lama So you are planning to visit Thailand? Great! You are now one step closer to explore a fascinating place. Those who aren’t, I hope you do so sometime in future. [To just read the itinerary, skip down to the end, else continue reading to know more about Thailand.] Thailand is one such charming … Continue reading Thailand – Your perfect Retreat

Pataddakal : Majestic era of Temple Architecture

Pattadakal is a small village in Badami taluk, Bagalkot district, Karnataka. If you are visiting Badami or have already been awed by its legendary cave temples, Pattadakal is going to awe you further. Pattadakal comes from the word ‘Pattadakisuvolal’ which means crowning, and hence the name of this place which was once the royal coronation center for the chalukyan princes. UNESCO in 1987 included Pattadakal in its … Continue reading Pataddakal : Majestic era of Temple Architecture

Sacred Hampi

It seems like the people of Vijayanagar empire had deep faith in religion and gods, and constructing magnificent and architecturally advanced temples were their way to express this faith and creativity. The result is a large number of temples with varied size and styles spread across Hampi. Let me first put the map of sacred center of Hampi, taken from Vitthala Temple: In the hub of temples … Continue reading Sacred Hampi

Attention Chocoholics! Double Chocolate and Cashews Brownie for you

A sinful, healthy, super-rich, filled-with-dark chocolate treat every chocoholic ever dreamed of is here. This gorgeous brownie is simple to make and will fill you with sheer joy every time you dig yourself in it. So, here is the recipe: Dry Ingredients: 1+1/4 cup : Oats (coarsely ground for smoothness in the cake) 1/4 cup: All-purpose flour (maida) 3/4 cup: Sugar (make powder if it … Continue reading Attention Chocoholics! Double Chocolate and Cashews Brownie for you