Oats Carrot Breakfast Cake

Extremely moist and filled with the goodness of carrots, this cake will make your day every time you relish a piece or two. I have been trying to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into my family’s diet since always. Recently, my husband has been complaining about his specs number been increasing and his eyes have been feeling tired. I kept nudging him to eat carrots in … Continue reading Oats Carrot Breakfast Cake

Warm, Fudgy and Delectable Whole Wheat Choco Cake

I want to make this cake every day, even before it is finished, and eat it for every meal. Wishful thinking! Still, every time I make it, I relish it to the core. It is the solution to all my problems. feeling hungry..eat choco cake, feeling stressed..eat choco cake, feeling tired…eat chocho…you get the point. Since this is my favorite cake, I have made it … Continue reading Warm, Fudgy and Delectable Whole Wheat Choco Cake

North Thailand – Mystic Mountains, Dense Forests and Exquisite Culture

It feels good to be LOST in the right direction – Unknown If your inclination lies towards understanding the culture and history of a place, then you owe yourself a visit to north Thailand. The bounty of nature and some relief from mega tourist crowd add more reasons to why you should visit this peaceful part of Thailand. After spending 3 ‘overwhelming’ days in Bangkok, … Continue reading North Thailand – Mystic Mountains, Dense Forests and Exquisite Culture

Scrumptious and dreamy Red Velvet

A checklist for red velvet cake: Red (obviously !! and not brownish red) Silky, smooth, moist…Velvety acidic with a hint of cocoa (for the science behind more deepness of red color: here is a read for the curious minds) As always, for a health freak like me, the recipe needs to be a whole grain one (and no white sugar). So, I googled and googled and some … Continue reading Scrumptious and dreamy Red Velvet

Thailand – Your perfect Retreat

“Once a Year Go Someplace You’ve Never Been Before.” – Dalai Lama So you are planning to visit Thailand? Great! You are now one step closer to explore a fascinating place. Those who aren’t, I hope you do so sometime in future. [To just read the itinerary, skip down to the end, else continue reading to know more about Thailand.] Thailand is one such charming … Continue reading Thailand – Your perfect Retreat