My Dear Facebook

Dear Facebook,

First, let me tell you ‘I love you so much'(-sorry Amit). It’s been long since I have entered your magical world and I have enjoyed every bit of it. With your constant addition of new, attention-grabbing features, I am totally hooked.

I love the way you let me peep into other people’s lives, thanks to my addicted friends who keep posting every tidbit of their lives. You keep me reminded of my friend’s birthdays, which I hardly remember otherwise. You have kept people glued to you most of their time and this has made you almost the fastest means of communication these days (I just drop a message and the reply comes almost instantly!).

But today, I have something to concede. There are so many important things in my life that I want to do, so many important people whom I want to contact but I just don’t have the time. All my hours get sucked in by the ‘facebook’, the hours which I am unable to quantify at the end of the day. Is it possible that I invest this time in something that I can later count? After all, you are just a website! right?

Every other activity I spend my time on, gives me several benefits in return.

– If I go out and jog in the morning, I (may) end up losing few pounds.

– If I get involved in any sports, I stay fit and active.

– If I volunteer in my community, I make it a better place to live.

– If I go shopping, well, It has several benefits, foremost, it ejects ‘feel good’ hormones in my body :).

– If I read a book, I feed my brain some good food.

– If I play Sudoku, I make my mind healthy.

– If I bake my favorite cookies, I hone my cooking skills (also, I get appreciation from lots of people).

– If I call and wish my friend ‘Happy Birthday’ instead of writing on her wall, I make her special day more special by telling her how important she is for me.

– If I do my laundry, load the dishes in dishwasher, iron my clothes, vacuüm my house, I create a hygienic environment for my family.

– If I watch television, I feast my eyes by watching some comedy movie or getting local updates.

– If I write blog, I feel happy to jot down my thoughts.

– if I go for pedicure, my feet may look better (oh! they look so ordinary :().

But if I just sit in front of my laptop watching the ‘facebook’ my entire day, all I do is drain my useful energy, forget the significant things in my life and get more concerned about what is going on in other people’s lives.

By saying all this, I don’t mean that I am quitting your services. I’ll still be enjoying your blue color, watching all my friend’s status updates, their kid’s photographs and all the things they ‘Like’.

It’s just that from now on I’ll give more time to those crucial things (and people) in my life those really matters.


One of your patron,
Nisha Jain


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