Poovar, Kerala – Day 4

The last hop of our fabulous Kerala vacation was Poovar which is just 12 km south of Kovalam. My husband just could not get enough of backwaters in Alappuzha, so he decided to once again soak himself into the beauty of backwaters by extending our itinerary to Poovar.

Visiting Poovar was undoubtedly an exotic experience and different from that of other places we had visited. Poovar beach was the best beach we saw in Kerala, with golden sand and beautiful waves.

We started our day in Kovalam with gorging on the awesome breakfast buffet at our resort – Turtle on the beach. With our stomachs full, we headed towards Poovar and reached there in half an hour. There were several boat jetties’ vendors running around to take tourists for the boating ride in Poovar backwaters and to the Poovar beach.

The boating expedition is around 1.5 hrs, where the motorized boat takes visitors through the narrow canals inside the mangrove forest and then out in the river, moving further to finally reach the Poovar beach. They will then let you stay on the beach for half an hour and then will bring you back by the same route.


In our case, they ditched taking us inside the forest, quoting that the water has dried up in the canals and so the boat can’t sail. This was disappointing. The boat ride was pleasant with greenery all around created by huge palm trees bending over as if to greet you. We saw floating cottages and two floating mini restaurants, both of them were next to the beach. The beach was the huge stretch of golden sand separating backwaters and the Arabian Sea, a view to savor. The waves were so strong that the guards had tied a rope around to prevent people from going in the sea. But still the waves were gushing with full force beyond the rope’s boundary.


We spent some incredible time on the beach, feeling the waves and the beauty around, then came back to our boat to travel back to the mainland.

Next destination was Somatheeram Ayurveda resort, where we had booked our massages. The resort was on our way back to Kovalam. We faced some difficulty in finding the place, but the staff was very kind to guide us on the phone. The resort was a nature lover’s paradise. My husband liked it so much as to plan to move there for the night. I somehow convinced him to drop the idea as we already have bookings in Turtle on the beach.

17 (1280x589)

We were welcomed warmly by the saree clad women, some of whom were Ayurveda doctors. They provided consultation on which massages would be best for us depending on our health conditions. My husband opted for full body massage and I decided to pamper myself with both Shirodhara and full body massage. I had seen Shirodhara in pictures and videos and was quite fascinated, so I found this to be the perfect place and time to experience it.

My husband liked his massage a lot, but I did not like mine much. I had experienced ayurvedic massages earlier in my home city, Noida where they were far better than what I received here. The massage here was very mild, even after telling the masseuse to be a little firm. Shirodhara was a disaster. The oil was cold. I asked the lady multiple times to warm it. The cold oil was not helping in the relaxation. All that I got at the end was a head full of oil. Not a good experience at all.

It was evening around 5 when we reached back to our hotel in Kovalam. We enjoyed some time sitting in our balcony and enjoying the ecstatic view. Then my husband started to crave the beach and we walked to the lighthouse beach again. We walked the entire stretch of beach feeling the blissful sand under our toes and enjoying the sunset. What a great time! We enjoyed drinks in the beachside restaurant and later had dinner in a small punjabi dhaba we saw while walking back to our hotel.


Reminiscing the wonderful time spent in these 4 days, we went to sleep. Next day was the last day of our Kerala vacation and the day to drive back 211 km to Kochi airport to catch our flight to Bangalore.

My husband made a last visit to the beach again early morning next day while I was sleeping. He just could not keep himself away from the sea and the sand.

We enjoyed another sumptuous breakfast buffet in our hotel before starting our journey. We stopped in Alappuzha for lunch near the Alappuzha beach, which was a nice touristy place with picnic spots and many restaurants in the area. It was hot in the day and so the beach was not crowded. It was a little dirty, though. The lunch was authentic Kerala food, flat rice, sambhar, cabbage and coconut sabji, rasam and few other dishes and was pretty inexpensive.

In another 1.5 hours, we reached Kochi airport, returned our car to the rental company and flew back to Bangalore. Each moment in this trip was a cherished one. We came back refreshed and geared up to take in whatever life throws at us.


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