Kovalam, Kerala – Day 3

Staying in a houseboat is a unique and one of the best experience you can get in Kerala. We cherished every moment of our time there. Next destination was Kovalam, which features Kerela’s best beaches, the place my husband is always excited to visit.
Kovalam is 159 kms from Alappuzha. It was a bright sunny day. We started in the noon and reached our hotel around 5 PM. On our way, we stopped to visit the Varkala Beach which is renowned for the black sand and the cliffs on the Arabian Sea, a unique part of Kerala. The beach was beautiful but the waves were quiet strong. We spent around half an hour there before moving ahead on our journey to Kovalam.

Varkala Beach

We had booked 2 nights stay in a sea-facing room in a famous resort in Kovalam – Turtle on the beach. The resort was good with awesome breakfast buffet. Our room had a big balcony with panoramic view of Arabian sea and all the beaches of Kovalam. The only con was that the property was not exactly ‘on’ the beach as mentioned on the internet, but at a small distance. This fact brought a little disappointment because my husband wanted to stay in a room right on the beach, near the sea so that he could view and hear the waves all day and night. Nevertheless, he was able to do that because he was on the beach most of our time there.

View from the room

After we reached our lodging in kovalam, my husband could not wait further to go to the beach, so first thing we did after putting our luggage down was to pack our changing clothes and rush to the beach. Not sure of how much we may need to walk, we decided to drive but was soon regretting our decision since the drive was a steep downhill (and uphill on return). So we decided to walk on our next visit.

We drove to this stretch of beach which are Lighthouse and Hawah beaches. The area was very crowded but most of the people were gathered near the Hawah beach, maybe because of nice waves. We kept on walking towards lighthouse beach which was little less crowded. The entire stretch has eating points and shops running parallel to the beach. First thing we did was to enter German Bakery on the lighthouse beach, to feed ourselves. It was a nice restaurant right on the beach with a panoramic  view of the lighthouse and the beach, but the food and the hospitality was below average.

Lighthouse beach

We spent sometime strolling on the beach stretch and then reached Hawah beach to play with the waves. All our tiredness vanished the moment we entered the water. We played for half an hour and then came out because as the day was ending, the waves were getting stronger. The beach guards were doing a good job of keeping people away from the areas where waves were getting violent.

Kovalam Beaches

There was a paid shower/changing area on the Hawah beach which we quickly utilized to change to dry clothes and went back to our hotel. The night was pleasant and we could hear waves in our balcony. We again went out for dinner in the nearby restaurant before calling it a day. Next day was reserved for Authentic Kerala Massage and Poovar backwaters and to again enjoy sunset on Kovalam beaches.



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