Chalkfest in Wausau

This weekend has been quiet eventful for Wausau residents. Our small town has suddenly became a hub for visitors all over the world, thanks to 2012 Junior Canoe Slalom World Championships. It was really unbelievable that a world championship is going on right behind my apartment, in the river whose shores have seen my walking shoes almost daily.

But, this post is about the artistic event going parallel over the weekend  in downtown Wausau. The event when a large number of artists gathered and gave form to magnificent creations of art, using just a bunch of colorful chalk.

Although, due to high heat, I could not go during the daytime when the artist were trying to create their best, I went in the evening to appreciate their hard day’s work. To  my delight, every artist’s work was brilliant, I don’t know how the judges chose the best. Here are a few which were awarded and few other which were equally amazing.

and plenty more. They all were great visual treat and a way to make us realize the immense talent hidden in people around us.


6 thoughts on “Chalkfest in Wausau

  1. How fun! I really like the ‘Brave’ one. My daughter, Tallulah, keeps imitating the preview…in a pitch PERFECT accent: “If you could change your fate, would you.”

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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