Fun in the Woods – Camping and Grilling!

My husband and I have camped several times earlier but just for the sake of getting a night sleep before heading forward on a road trip. This time it was different. This time we had plans to just enjoy a good camping with some good food preparation/grilling, in contrast to earlier times when we would just buy pasta salad from walmart, stuff it in our cooler and have it for dinner.

This impromptu ‘full-fledged’ camping idea struck on Friday, June 15 ‘2012, so we decided to camp on saturday night at any place where we can get reservation for a camp site in such a short time-span. We googled nearest state park and found one around 17 miles, the Big Eau Pleine County park. All camp sites were already reserved , but few were walk-ins which could be occupied on first come first serve basis. Bingo! Planned to reach by 3:00 pm Saturday, the check-in time.

Saturday morning, we finished our lazy breakfast and started filling our bags with stuff for our camping trip. One look at the window- RAIN!! and the whole plan got canceled.

Sunday morning, the excitement to camp and grill struck again. Although, it is not wise to camp on Sunday night and wake early and rush home to get ready for Office, Our excitement was too much to prevent us from thinking all wise things.

We packed stuff and drove first to Walmart to buy some veggies to grill, marinade, charcoal and ice (for cooler). All geared up, we head to the state park. We reached  in around 30 minutes and Wow! such a nice, serene place in woods. Almost all campsites were empty, maybe because it was Sunday and all wise people were back home.

We found an amazing lake-side campsite, though not ideally beside the lake, but few feet away. The other camp sites were close, but since they were unoccupied, it was fine. I love the overall camp-site, as it felt not too dense mid-of-forest and not too open with no trees around, but perfect woods. Incredible!

Before starting with our grilling activities, we bought some woods for camp-fire. Then  had quick snack (i.e. apple) and chopped the vegetables and put them in marinade for an hour or so for marination. Since my husband was getting noisy and restless all this time to first go and see the lake, we hiked few feet and reached a beautiful, secluded lake. The entire view was breathtaking.

Totally in awe, we returned to the camp site, set-up the camp first and then while my husband started the fire for grilling, I started putting veggies on the skewers. We felt few rain drops and hoped it stay away for few hours. It did and we grilled pleasantly our dinner.

A very satisfied dinner with no rain, was all we wanted and we get that. Everything was looking like a dream, though the reality downed on us later.

So, after filling our stomach we head back to the lake again with our beer bottles. My husband had full plans to take a dip in the lake, but he dropped the idea as it had become cold at that time in the evening and the lake was too shallow for several feet (not even knee-deep) and going further was not safe. Moreover, there was no shower facility in the park. He was OK with this, but I strongly oppose the idea of taking dip in the lake with no shower afterwards.

I enjoyed the relaxed moments just gazing at the lake and having my beer while my husband can’t stop himself going in the water. His way of relaxing.

I took a few pictures of the various things lying nearby.

It started getting a little dark. We came back to our tent-site. My husband put more wood in the flickering fire. We sat by the fire for some time and toasted marshmallows.

The mosquitoes started buzzing in our ears and the night had engulfed us, so we went inside our tent, tired, yet relaxed with the great time spent. It started raining during the night, so we had to wrap up stuff and rush back home early in the morning. The Reality finally dawned on us and the dream was over!

It was a memorable camping and grilling trip. We grilled for the first time and the experience was awesome. Looking forward to more grilling.


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