Farm fresh – Strawberries picking!

Picking fruits from the farm is always fun and the difference between freshly picked and brought from store is easily identifiable. Like in case of strawberries I picked this weekend, they are so perfectly ripe and sweet, they melt in the mouth. Somebody with no teeth can eat them easily!

I hadn’t seen the strawberries plants before, so their shortness gave me a big surprise. I never expected to pick the berries crawling on my knees. I was looking for big plants with big berries hanging down but this (see the below picture) is what I got when I reached the picking spot.

Can you see the hanging strawberries below the leaves? if not, click on the image and see in enlarged version.

The juicy freshness and perfect red color and texture is hard to describe. The best strawberries I have eaten in my life!

Today I relished them by making smoothie and dessert (covering them with chocolate).

Here is the recipe. I altered it somewhat that I chopped and melted dove dark chocolate squares (count 10) in  microwave for around 30 seconds and covered around 17 berries. Then melted 1 cup Hershey’s milk chocolate chips and covered another 24 berries. Keep them all at room temperature for around half an hour and then placed in refrigerator.

A truly amazing experience of strawberry picking! Wish to do it again but chances are slim as the season has almost come to an end. Enjoy!


7 thoughts on “Farm fresh – Strawberries picking!

  1. wow!! Those strawberries looks so juicy and delish !! I have an up coming gathering with friends so I may try out your choc dip ones later 🙂 they look so inviting even though its just 6 in the morning but hey – do we need an excuse for chocolate ??? 😉 Have a good one today Nisha ! BTW thanks for dropping by 🙂

    1. Thanks for such good words. I hope you have a gala time with your friends. Chocolate is my weakness and anything going inside it is good for me, if that is strawberry, more than good! 🙂 You have a wonderful day!

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