Banana Magic to the Oatmeal

Over the course of my baking expedition, I have realized that oatmeal and banana baked combination somewhat taste better than any other flavor added to the oatmeal or just oatmeal alone. This conclusion has come after many hits and trials in my kitchen with the oatmeal.

Next is the desire to bake a bread this time, something different from all the cookies and bars I have baked every time. Still it is not a typical yeast bread, but kind of pound cake. May be I’ll bake typical bread next time.

So, this weekend I googled banana oatmeal bread and landed on this one. I have modified it a bit. You can try whichever you find suitable.

Here’s the recipe:


1 cup – Oats (I used old-fashion oats)

1 cup – all-purpose flour

1/4 cup – brown sugar

1/4 cup – white sugar

1/2 cup – butter (I used salted one; if you use unsalted then mix some salt)

2 – eggs (I used flax seeds as egg substitute)

1 tsp – baking powder

1/2 tsp – ground cinnamon

1/2 cup – crushed walnuts

1/2 cup – chocolate chips (I used Hershey’s milk chocolate chips)

1/4 cup – milk

3 – bananas


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Grease a loaf pan and set aside.

In a large bowl, mix all-purpose flour, oats (I powdered the oats a little before mixing), baking powder, cinnamon, walnuts and chocolate chips. Whisk a little to mix everything well.

Mash the 3 ripe bananas and make a smooth paste.

In another bowl, cream together butter and sugar, then add eggs and whisk sufficiently to make a light and fluffy mixture. Add the mashed banana paste and milk.

Now combine wet and dry ingredients. Pour in the loaf pan and bake for 50 mins or till a knife pricked in it comes out clean.

This bread is very moist and scrumptious. Enjoy it with a warm cup of tea or coffee.


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