A day in Chicago

This memorial day weekend my husband and I embarked on our much awaited but totally unplanned road trip to Chicago. The initial plan brewing up for few days was to visit Door county, Wisconsin but just a day before the weekend, the focus turned to Sleeping bear dunes, Michigan and since Chicago lies midway, we decided to spent one day in there as well. Chicago is around 282 miles from our place, so we started on Friday evening and reached comfortably around midnight with a halt in between for dinner. oh, did I say dinner? What an authentic Thai food we had!simply amazing!

As it was an unplanned and short trip, our intentions were to just see a few attractions at a relaxed pace and fortunately, Chicago has almost all its major attractions in downtown and so quiet a walking distance apart.

Next morning, we started our day with a no-hurry breakfast at the hotel we stayed in. Then we went to meet a childhood friend of mine and spent such memorable time. Such a great start to the trip!

By the afternoon, we were in the local train (Chicago Transit Authority aka CTA buses/trains) to Chicago downtown, discussing what we are gonna do the rest of the day. We reached downtown just in time for the memorial day parade that made me remember my school days.

We spent some more time enjoying the colorful parade and then moved on to visit the Art Institute of Chicago. I had heard that this one is the finest art museum and it was on a par with my expectation. Here are a few pictures I clicked there.

After having a good time at the museum and a quick-lunch, we moved on to visit much popular millennium park, to see the famous cloud gate or the bean. But we kinda lost our way and reached the navy pier side of the park and though we didn’t actually went on the pier, we took a good view of it from opposite side of the road as we sat on the grass and had a snack.

Afterwards, we start again and finally  reached cloud gate and omg! it was beautiful (and very crowded). The incredible architecture reflects the entire area around it and people were having a good time watching their reflections.

We too played with the reflections for quiet an hour, had some pictures and then moved on to watch Chicago from the top of tallest building in Chicago – Skydeck or Sears Tower or Willis Tower. There was a very long queue outside the building where people were waiting for their turn to go up the tower. It took us quiet an hour or so when we reached up but it was worth the wait.  They take you up to 103rd floor via the elevator and there you can watch the entire city from every direction. There are three glass-bottom skyboxes on west façade of this 103rd floor which allows visitors to see down and experience the thrill of height.

This brought an end to our beautiful day in Chicago. We thought of watching a show in the famous Chicago theater later in the evening after dinner but unfortunately found it closed when we reached there. So just clicked a lovely, glittering picture of it before going back to the hotel.



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