Addictions people cherish

People are addicted – believe me – more than they realize and agree. But we know that not all addictions are bad. When they are harmless and may actually redact your life, they become a reason to cherish.

I have been victim of such different addictions in different phases of my life.

Starting from the childhood, when there was  no option but to listen to the parents, I was addicted to cartoons; cartoon shows – duck tales, mogli, potli baba ki, etc; cartoon comics – chacha choudhary, billu, etc. Those were the times when I was allowed these luxuries only after I finish my homework/studies, but the addiction was so high, I would do anything to grab a look.

Then came the teen-age and I was still hooked to TV. Now was the time for action shows- Shaktimaan, captain Vyom and many others were among my favorites and made me crazy enough to forget everything going around me. Another addiction was daily games playing sessions in the evening outside the house, on the streets with neighborhood kids. Be it any damn game such as hide and seek, color matching, catch me, etc, we all kids were so crazy that we use to play no matter how hot or wet the weather was outside.

College time brought the craze of reading fictions. I was hooked to reading all sorts of old, new, bestsellers novels even when the exams were top on my head. Incidentally, there were no smart phones and facebook during my college days otherwise these would have been the greatest addictions as we see them in current times.

Now, let’s talk about my latest addictions and Laptop top the list. People normally make a visit to bathroom first thing in the morning after getting out of bed, but I make a visit to my dear laptop as if I have missed it for ages. Actually it’s a combination of – laptop+internet+ availability of attractive websites such as facebook – that makes a deadly addiction element.

For most people, accessing websites such as  facebook/linked-in/twitter/fashionandyou/snapdeals and the likes have been the greatest addictions. They go crazy if their internet connection go faulty even for few hours. Internet service provider companies are under lot of performance pressure!

Money is such an important part of our life and this fact makes many people addicted to tracing minute by minute the rise/fall of their money investment in stock market. No matter how busy they are, there will always be time for checking finance websites. Similar is the case with the people’s love for cricket that makes them hooked to TV or score updating websites.

I have also noticed a few off-the-beat addictions like the crazy craving for sweets which my father have after every meal…”aaj meethe mei kya hai? (what is in for dessert today?)” . Then there are people who have the similar craving for chai (tea) as they gallop down countless cups of tea daily. A set of Fitness freaks have huge addiction for work-outs and diet opposite to what gym-haters have for.

Addiction for the television is unarguably the greatest and the most prevalent as it has affected the people beyond age or gender. This fact has been very well roped in this commercial : Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Addictions people cherish

  1. hey, even i was addicted to those things you mentioned above, cartoons, shaktimaan, captain vyom…they were so fun at that time….

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