The Re-definition of Photographs by FACEBOOK

The occurrence of an  interesting incident on my visit to book-fair this year made me think about the ‘changed’ significance of photographs in current times. The once insignificant trend of clicking photographs on rare,important occasions and savoring them for lifetime has turned into highly essential, day in day out craze of clicking and sharing them online.

Back to the incident that went this way: While browsing the interesting books in a stall, I saw two teenage guys  standing near me and whispering in  each others ears. One guy then  walked to a little distance, picked a book and started reading it, while the other took out a phone and clicked a picture of his friend. After getting a perfect shot, he yelled out to his friend asking him to stop posing and  come with him to next stall. The poser guy came back, took the phone from his friend  and asked him to wait till he upload that photo on his Facebook profile.

Perplexed, I went on to visit other stalls but couldn’t stop thinking that how much online social media has changed our lives!

Human beings are victim of  ostentation and Facebook has suitably provided a platform for exhibition. So, here we are with an ever-increasing zest to paint a ‘happiest, funkiest, trendiest person alive’ picture through our photographs. Everybody praises a nicely posed picture without recognizing how much contrived it is.

Here are few things Facebook has changed about our pictures:

  • Facebook has made us realize that how more important it is to click photos than to actually cherish the moments  by keeping the camera aside on every vacations/outings.
  • It is not just the face that is worthy enough to be  clicked but also the toe-nail.
  • Our few months old kids and our beloved pets are independent individuals in this democratic nation and they need to have separate profiles with a whole separate set of pictures to share.
  • The extent to which we can make our expressions ugly and still have the guts to share a picture showing them.
  • The best way to inform about important events in our life  is to post pictures of them. Got married? post your wedding picture.

Until the advent of Facebook, people use to do things for fun, but after the spread and domination of Facebook, people have started doing things that seem fun in pictures and may make their friends feel jealous.

Facebook has set in so deep into people’s lives that they have become more bothered about showing and less about living. What do you think?


3 thoughts on “The Re-definition of Photographs by FACEBOOK

  1. Nisha, you have totally written my thoughts (in the head!). How true that the world of FB, Twitter has taken away a lot more than the benefits. I refuse to activate a FB account — sure most of my friends and relatives keep pestering me to activate, I simply prefer some sanity in a already insane world. Wonderful post, Nisha. And, a great blog. Keep writing. Cheers.

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