Meeting a 90 year old..

Today evening, out of some work requirement , I went down to my apartment’s office, a tiny room in the nook of a big,nicely decorated living hall. After a few nice words with the office lady, I came out in the living hall. The interior instantly grabbed my attention and forced me to click a few pictures of the place. Satisfied with the clicks, I head to the elevator to go up to my apartment. Right then, my eyes caught the glimpse of this attractive old lady sitting in the middle of the hall,  solving a very difficult jigsaw puzzle. Overwhelmed by my curiosity, I went near her to see what exactly is she doing and found her trying best to put at least one piece of puzzle in the right place. For your information, the puzzle was a tough one as the pattern was a diffused picture and the puzzle pieces were very tiny. Still, the brave lady was not ready to accept the defeat. Her lively spirit dismayed me so much that I sat near her on the adjacent chair, thinking how often does we struggle to achieve something that we know is difficult to achieve!

She introduced herself as Christy and told me that she has celebrated her 90th birthday this Sunday. Dressed very elegantly in a fresh green sweater top and denim blue long skirt, with a very chic hand purse and royal pink lips, she impressed me a lot. During our conversation she started telling me about how much she like the weather here though it is extreme with long winters, but still there is a relief as we don’t get tsunamis and earthquakes.  I liked her positive way to view things as I have been cursing the weather almost all the time.  She also told me that she has a laptop and that she plays spider solitare and free cell. Other things she do is checking her emails but she still don’t have a facebook account. Her grandchildren show her the pictures on their facebook when they come to visit her.I was deeply impressed with her energy,elegance and attitude to keep learning even in this age when most people even lose their desire to live. In her nineties, she is walking straight, could hear properly (although she complained that one ear is better than other) and is in good mental health(she traced and showed me her apartment on the map).

I salute the vitality of all the seniors and wish them a very healthy, joyous life.


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