What do you miss?

First of all, a very good question – I was taught to say this when you need some time to think the answer. So, as I think, I find myself digging out purposely the feelings that engulf me more often than I realize.

Most people miss good times and people who were there with them in the past. But, what do I miss?

Well, there are so many things (- an overrated word) I miss.Then there are things I miss more in comparison to those I miss less.

–  I miss the ‘being in love’ phase of my life.  The times when colors seem brighter and days seem longer when you are away from your lover and fell short when you are with him. The constant ‘missing you’ and ‘dying to meet’ feeling makes you pathetic but I still miss it.

– I miss the 20-something phase of life when there are dreams in eyes and swing in moves; the don’t care, being yourself, no in-laws freedom.

– I miss the heart-pouring time spent with friends – in college, and at work.

–  I miss the constant fun and partying time spent with few of my co-workers in India office.

– I miss my hostel life – living full-time with friends, sharing little joys and sorrows.

– I  miss the shopping time spent with my sister.

– I miss my school days.

– Oh, and very importantly, I miss city-life too much since I have recently moved from city to a small town.

…and many other little freaky things!

Anyways, these are what I miss. What do you miss? Please share in the comments section below.


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