I love my Patio

Ever since I was a child, I always WANTED a patio or balcony. I have so many happy memories of all the patios I came across till now. The best one being when I use to stay with my friends Reena and Anjali during the college internship. We spent some quality time on our patio, sipping tea, gossiping and passing interesting remarks on fellow students.

I absolutely love the patio in my house in India. But when I came to US, all I got was a tiny metallic area where I can only stand, look around and come back in. Sometimes, when I just can’t deny the company of nice weather, I use to squeeze myself and sit on the cold metallic floor, huh! A nice  patio was missed a lot.

When I moved once again to another place,  my ‘patio’ blessing came true. My new apartment has a nice, big patio. I love it, even though it doesn’t have any fancy furniture or out of the world view (all I see in front is an ugly garage roof, and when I move my eyes sideways,I get the glimpse of road and trees and an empty area where farmers come and sell their produce twice a week; yeah you guess it right – farmer’s market).

Early morning sun rays

Here are 5 ways my new patio is treating me:

  1. I can sit and enjoy the ‘live’ weather 24*7. When it rains, I just need to extend my hand a little outside the patio boundary to get my fingers tickled by falling water.
  2. I need not to know the program schedule on television. The apartment on my right always has its television on almost all the time which is visible from my patio. So I always know what interesting show is currently running. If I like that program, all I need to do is come inside my apartment and switch on the television.
  3. I need not to go to downtown or any other place to listen to live music. My kind neighbor keeps singing the entire day. I can hear her sweet voice every time I step out on my patio.
  4. I need not to check the weather channel before going out (since the weather is so unpredictable here). I can just stand on my patio for a minute and estimate the weather. The decision to put on a jacket is easily made this way.
  5. My patio is visible from connecting passage between garage and apartment building, so people coming in or out are able to see me if I am relaxing on my patio, sipping tea and reading a good book. They often drop by to give me company and obviously, to have tea.

So, there they are, my selfish ways to enjoy the company of my patio and I wish all the patio lovers, happy outdoors!


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