Anna’s furore – A historical moment


Few days back, while talking to my Dad on internet, I heard about Anna Hazare and his ‘anshan’ (protest). My dad told me about how much he supports Anna and hence he has taken a day-off to participate in Anna’s campaign against corruption. I was listening all surprised and a bit worried as he went on telling me the story of how politicians and Delhi Police are stopping Anna to go ahead with his ‘fast’ and in this movement, Anna and his team may end up in jail or be lathicharged; But come what may, he’ll still go and participate for a good cause. Feeling very proud and wishing my father good luck, I ended the conversation and sat for long in front of my laptop google-ing ‘Anna Hazare’.

Who is Anna Hazare? 

In short, Anna Hazare is a Gandhian and Indian social activist.

I learnt a lot about Gandhiji and his non-violent movements a lot in my history classes and thereafter, but honestly, I never really understood the principle of non-violence. I always felt that if somebody is cruel enough to hurt you than silently taking in that cruelty is cowardliness.

But, in the present condition, when we are fighting against our own system to get rid of the evils long embedded in it, the principle of non-violence is making more sense. We all have seen corruption in our entire lives and in all spheres of our lives, but hardly ever any one of us tried to even think of something to get rid of it. We always managed to feed corruption and get our work done. In fact, we have tuned ourselves to live with it.

Then suddenly, one day, sipping morning tea and grazing through the morning newspaper, we see this ‘Anna hazare, corruption, lokpal bill’ –  slight turbulence inside but we ignore it and go ahead with our routine life. Again, while watching evening news, we see ‘Anna’ and his supporters – feel good that somebody is doing something, praise him but tell ourselves that nothing will change in this system.

Day after day, we see media full of information about Anna and we are tracking everything minute by minute as if we are watching India-pakistan live, but convince ourselves to stay out of the drama. Who’ll go and muddle up in police and politician’s mess? If the bill gets passed anyway, then obviously it’ll benefit everyone!

This is actually the crazy, timid mentality of us pessimist Indians.

Guys, get up and support Anna! He is the face of fight against corruption today. We don’t know whether we’ll get this chance to do something against corruption again in future or not. This is the time to show that India is a democratic country and power resides in its people. If we failed this time against our own system, nobody again will be able to gather the courage to fight against corruption.  So let’s unite and make most of this opportunity, at least for the sake of being a part of  a historical moment in our lives. Jai Hind!


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  1. Kamakshi says:

    I don’t agree…its not about changing systems, or pessimism…while he has his heart set in the right place, i think extortion and emotional build up is like fight brick for brick, and an eye for an eye. We are a nation of rich legal legacy. AT the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how many laws are formulated, its about how many are relevant , utilized and implemented in the right spirit… its just me, i didn’t mean to hurt anyone’s sentiments with my opinion

    1. Nisha says:

      I like your spirit Kamakshi! i agree with you that until we utilize those laws which are in place, it’s no use of formulating them. But in the current scenario, we don’t have anti-corruption law so even if we think of taking any action against any corrupt person, we can not do so. if this bill gets passed, we should have an ombudsman that could be approached against government. Today we are fighting for the bills to get passed. Tomorrow if nobody hear our complain against corruption even though the anti-corruption law is in place, then we’ll have to fight again. We will have to fight for the things we want. This happens all around the world.

      At the end, It’s always better to have something than nothing at all and we should start with fighting for that something!Isn’t it?

  2. kamakshi says:

    Not really nisha, I live in mumbai, and we have a legal ombudsman here in maharashta..called the tahesheeldaar. And the notion that corruption cant be tackled is wrong! File pils, u can report to the local collector…remember, jurisprudence is seperate from the governence in india…and the argument that u can stand up against high and mighty today is flawed…post rti, activists die left right and center…laws have nothing to do with safety..if u cnt b safe filing cases, a lokpal dsnt guarentee u safety…plus think about the bureaucracy, its not sensible to break a system so complex just to incorporate a bill..

    see the comsumer protection act for instance…no one uses it the way it shud b making the govt plead to ppl with telly I said, it not abt implementation but utiliztaion!

    1. Nisha says:

      It’s a matter of opinion. I live in Delhi and consumer protection act is something which has helped. Even i have threatened the retailers many times when unsatisfied with their service, saying that i’ll lodge a complain in consumer court. although I never did it because the threatening was enough to get my work done.
      anyways, I am happy to support the cause, at least it is making us all Indians united and looking in one direction. Also, I am optimistic that this movement will bring some good change.

      Have fun! and thanks for visiting. 🙂

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