Sweet little things!

This weekend I moved from the hustle and bustle of a big city to a calm, peaceful country life of a small town. Since, I had lived in a metropolis for most of my life, this move was more than uncomfortable for me. Still, with an open mind and a wish to adjust, Amit and I came to this place on a bright sunny afternoon.

After reaching our apartment building, I noticed that there are several senior women residing in the area. Strange thoughts started hitting me but I ignored them as we parked our car outside the apartment office and went inside to collect the keys. There  too I saw couple of senior white humble ladies sitting in the common area and chatting. I ignored the popping thoughts again and went inside the office. There I read these ‘notices’ hanging on the wall  and came to know that basically this apartment is for senior residents. Huh!

With lots of discomfort, I went inside the unit searching for my apartment. Along my way, I came across several things that surprised me in a way that by the time I reached my apartment gate, I had actually developed a liking for the place. I have clicked the picture of those sweet little things that people have put outside their apartments, as if to tell you that ‘you are special and we welcome you with open hearts’.

After all, it is not the things that are bad, it is the way we look at them!

P.S. : You can enlarge the pics by clicking on them. Enjoy!


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